Robert Payne
Memorial Golf Tournament

23nd Year Celebration
RTJ Trail at Oxmoor Valley
RTJ Trail at Ross Bridge
Birmingham, AL
May 20-22, 2011


For the first time, we had more new players than returning ones.  Awesome.  I hope the new guys had a good time.  The accommodations were extremely nice and, I think, Ross Bridge lived up to expectations.  What a great course!  Thanks to Chad for providing the real time scoring. As for the tournament, Ron Dempsey had to play to stellar levels to keep Chad Payne from repeating.  Ron tried to give it away on the last hole but sheer luck (just ask Chad) allowed him to hang on.  I hope everyone had a good time and we will look forward to seeing everyone in Montgomery next year.   Ron Dempsey

Ron certainly earned the trophy with two rounds in the 70s and an impressive eagle from a fairway bunker on Sunday.  I gave it my best shot though...probably the best I've ever played in this tournament.  And yes, Ron and I fully expect to take a hit on our handicaps next year.  I'm slowly working my way back to my high school handicap.  I really enjoyed meeting all the new guys and hope everyone can make it back next year, and bring a friend or two.  I'd love to have 20 or more next year.  Capitol Hill has three great courses, especially the Judge.  Ross Bridge was really great, loved it.  You just can't beat the RTJ courses.  Thanks again to Ron for doing such a great job of organizing, we were lost without him on Saturday morning.  And thanks to Joel for keeping the Rome representation alive.  Hopefully we can build on that next year.  We certainly missed Ronnie Dempsey and Robin Gresham and many others.  And Joel played some pretty impressive golf over the weekend.  And appreciate those of you that flew in from afar (Illinois and California).  I hope it was worth your trip.  See everyone next year.   Chad Payne