Robert Payne
Memorial Golf Tournament

29th Year Celebration
Ross Bridge
Hoover, AL
Oxmoor Valley
Birimingham, AL
May 27 - May 29, 2016


Champion:   Jeff Thoman (-11)
Runner-Up:   Taylor Lupton (-9)
2-man Scramble Champions:    Chad DeFoor and John Chapman (-5)
2-man Scramble Runner-Ups:   Chad Payne and John Connors (-4)

2016 was another great year in the history of the RMPGT with opening day coinciding with Robert Payne's 75th birthday.  The weather, the venue, the company, and the competition were all terrific.  Ross Bridge in Hoover, AL is a great spot and I can see us returning there very soon.  After the Friday afternoon round, John Connors held the lead at -7 with Payne, Bangs, DeFoor, and Chapman all within close striking distance.  But on Saturday, Jeff Thoman and Taylor Lupton caught fire and took over with Thoman edging out Lupton down the stretch.  In the Sunday morning 2-man scramble, the team of Chad and John edged out the other other team of Chad and John.  Chad DeFoor and John Chapman closed with a -5 and Chad Payne and John Connors dropped to -4 on 18 when Payne's 8 foot par putt circled the hole but wouldn't fall.  And for an impressive 4th year running, Jason Greene retained the horses butt head cover for coming in last place.  With Ron Dempsey moving to Minnesota, we certainly missed him and his dad this year as well as many of his buddies.  We hope to get them back in the mix in 2017 with possible venues including Barnsley Gardens, Oconee, Capitol Hill, among others.  I hope everyone can make it back in 2017.

This was day 1 on the tee box of #1 at Ross Bridge with the starter taking our picture.  On day 2, we couldn't get off the tee box soon enough...the starter would not stop talking with comments like "From what I've seen, your group should be hitting from the white tees".

1st tee at Oxmoor Valley on Sunday morning.  Missing from the picture are Bob Caperton who had to leave Saturday for other commitments, and Dave Bangs and Steve Larger who had to tell off a couple hours earlier so Steve could catch a flight.

Seeing this picture and specifically my left heel, I know exactly what went wrong during Saturday mornings round.

2016 Champion in action.

The power of Da Con.

The embodiment of power and grace = Jason Greene swing.

This guy with the bagpipe seemed to follow us around all weekend.

What does the fox say?  This fox was hanging out next to the pool watching the boys play Kan-Jam.